5 good reasons to create a website for your business

In an increasingly digital world, ignoring technology is the first mistake to avoid. In 2017, according to the study The digital portrait of Quebec households in 2017 conducted by Cefrio, 9 out of 10 households in Quebec are connected to the Internet while the survey of Electronic Commerce in Quebec in 2017 shows that 58% of Quebecers. have made at least one online purchase during the year.

Yet, despite this reality, many SMEs do not take advantage of the advantage that digital can bring with its multiple web platforms. However, nowadays it is essential that every company that wants to reach as many people as possible can be posted on the web. Indeed, creating a website is necessary to ensure its online presence, to make itself known to its target customers and therefore to increase its business opportunities. If you are not yet convinced, here are 5 good reasons to create a website for your business.


1. Marketing and visibility

Having your website is like having a shop open every day of the year, continuously! Whether you want to share your news or sell online, the website is an integral part of a good web marketing strategy.

By using search engines like Google, consumers often rely on the first results they find online, whether it’s buying travel or finding information on a variety of topics including: dentistry, cosmetic surgery , the services of a plumber, etc. Without a website, your chances of reaching your potential customers are greatly reduced!

The goal when you are creating a website is to get you in 1st position on the search engines to increase your traffic and, by extension, have a viable platform for a long term business development strategy. Your web marketing strategy must adapt to your needs and goals.

The website is also accompanied by a presence on social media, for even more visibility. With a marketing strategy developed in conjunction with specialists in SEO, content marketing, local SEO and more, your website will allow you to have greater visibility and convert potential consumers into customers.


2. Create a website to reflect a professional image

Your website is your online business card. It must reflect who you are. The creation of websites must be in line with your visual identity and your brand image.

Creating an ergonomic website allows you to relay your brand image on the Internet. Indeed, a friendly website whose content is easily readable and relevant and whose graphic design allows the user to navigate easily is undoubtedly a serious advantage. Indeed, a dynamic website will undoubtedly confer a professional aspect to your customers in addition to gaining credibility with search engines such as Google.


3. Create a website to stand out from the competition with a unique web concept

You are present on the internet and on social networks. Competitive companies are too. Creating a website of your own makes you stand out and attract the right clientele. For that, you have to use creativity. For example, do not hesitate to make use of stylized graphic designs such as parallax, to integrate humorous calls to action, to put forward professional quality photographs, etc. 90% of the communication goes through the visual. The graphic design of your website, in line with your corporate identity and your industry, allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition and to mark the spirit of your customers.


4 . Creating a site increases your income

In the last 10 years, e-commerce is booming and more and more consumers are buying directly from the internet. In 2016, 57% of French adults made online purchases. Thus, to meet this demand and follow this trend, companies have no choice to engage in online sales.

Thanks to e-commerce, you can buy your products or book your services via an online platform at any time of day and night. Thus, your sales opportunity is no longer restricted between 8 am and 5 pm, but open on a 24-hour time slot. An e-commerce site must be easy to use, and must lead the consumer to buy your product or services online. E-commerce therefore contributes to the development of business since it makes it possible to reach a larger clientele.


5.  Website: a loyalty tool to focus on

Your website is a platform for exchange between you and your consumers. The opinion of Internet users is increasingly taken into account by other consumers when it comes to making a commercial choice. In 2016, 57.9% of French people considered online reviews before making a purchase or simply to gather information about a company.

Your website is your support for interacting online with your customers and keeping in touch with your users. Relationship marketing helps to humanize your business. Be closer to your consumers by involving them in the life and decisions of your business, ask for feedback on your new product or feature … In short, nurture the curiosity of your customers, give them importance for that they feel involved.

Relationship marketing, a powerful customer loyalty tool, allows you to stay in touch with your users and to humanise your business.

As you can see, in 2018, creating a website is not an option, but a necessity. It allows you to be visible and existing on the market, but also to develop your business and build customer loyalty. So do not hesitate and create your website as soon as possible to bring your business to its full potential.